Buying the right business at the right price

Our Business Buying Service Is Focussed On Your Needs.
We Always Act In Your Interests

If you are considering buying a business and don’t know where to start or not sure on what business to buy, professional ethical help is at hand.  Business Help Now has the expertise and resources to help you. Principal, Steve Makris can call upon his 30 year’s experience in the industry to help you navigate through this daunting process.

It doesn’t matter what your needs are we can give you professional guidance on-:

·         What business to buy

·         How to approach a business of interest

·         Buying out a partner or partners

·         And anything else concerning a business purchase


We are fully licensed and have represented buyers and sellers for nearly 30 years in the acquisition and sale of a wide range of interests and size ranging from single operator to large ASX listed companies as buyer’s advocate.

At Business Help Now we have always walked our talk, and that’s a verifiable claim that few others in this industry can honestly claim!

When you retain our services, you can do so with complete confidence that we will ONLY Act in your interests.

What our business buying services delivers :

  • We only act for YOU as either your buying agent or selling agent
  • Covert and confidential enquiries and acquisitions
    We source businesses that are of interest to you and conduct background checks on   their viability and availability.
  • Business appraisals
    We help determine a fair and reasonable price that the business is worth by looking at all aspects and help you to buy at the best possible price.
  • Due diligence
    We study the business carefully and consider all areas of the business –not just the financial aspect, by conducting our own SWOT analysis.
    Strategic negotiation. This is an area we excel in helping you to get the most bang for your buck in any acquisition.
  • Partnership buyouts and dispute resolutions
    We have extensive experience in helping to negotiate resolutions in difficult partnership disputes and arranging buyouts exiting partners.
  • Growth acquisition and scaling
    We have acted for many business looking at bolt on and complimentary acquisitions to achieve growth via critical mass and economies of scale.
  • Landlord negotiations
    We have helped  many business owners with difficult landlords not willing to provide lease extensions by engaging in strategic negotiations to deliver a win for our client.


Types of businesses we specialize in:

  • Hospitality Leisure and Tourism
    Restaurants, Bars, cafes, accommodation
  • Retail
    We have experience in all areas of retail, Fashion, food,
  • Manufacturing
    We have acted in Acquisitions of major food manufacturing businesses, Essential Services and Facilities Management.
  • Tech Companies
    Experience in the Tech space, advising start ups and having an implicit understanding of this growing space.


Our Fees and Charges.

We have a small upfront initial fee and charge a success fee commission of the total acquisition price.   To find out more please contact us now for a confidential and obligation free chat on 1300 511 555

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